Dancing with the Landscape

Creekside Path, 11 x 14 Acrylic
Creekside Path, 11 x 14 Acrylic

It is in the act of painting that I practice creativity and become more aware of how to be open to it.  Whether it is with certain pigments, brushwork or impulse it requires first stillness and then execution of a response.  This is like a dance. We wait for the music to start and then we move.

What happens when I visit a dramatic landscape is that it seems to become a full orchestra of music surrounding me and I listen. Then a passion to make it visual moves me. I start dancing with the landscape as the brush dances on my canvas.

It is as if the landscape takes my hand and we begin a dance…and hopefully this in turn may inspire others to join in.

This 11 x 14 Acrylic was painted on location by the rushing waters of Eagle Creek at Charles Rummel Park and will be featured on my Youtube Channel soon.

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What If…You Tried Painting Like This?

I have found that asking “What if…” can be a source of education and a good starting point when abstracting a painting. For instance, when I tried painting: “What if I make only crosshatching strokes” (such as in the image below), overlapping and colour ended up being the focus. By asking “What if…” you essentially allow the painting to paint itself.

Crossings, 24 x 30, Oil on Canvas
Crossings, 24 x 30, Oil on Canvas, 2015

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The Reality of Abstract Painting – FCA Feature Article

fca-article-reality-of-abstractionAbstraction is an essential component of painting, whether we are conscious of it or not. The degree to which an artist chooses to change what is “real” to make a painting work is essentially abstraction.

Generally speaking, painting is not about copying something exactly, but rather creating an image using visual devices to render something specifically or emotionally. Here is where

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FCA Article – Passion of Plein Air

Feature ArticlePainting Outdoors, or en plein air, might be challenging at first, but once a working routine is established, it can become a passion all of its own and even a standard method of painting. Monet comes to mind painting large canvases by his backyard pond, which also suggests you do not have to go far to be inspired: a balcony or car with open windows can be a first step. Continue reading FCA Article – Passion of Plein Air

Plein Air Inspiration

Plein Air (outdoor) Painting is one of the best ways to get to know a subject and study elements. The various small works completed on location inspire subsequent works, being  collections of experiences and painting studies that explore various elements.

Abstracting while outdoors utilizes both an understanding  of visual components of painting as well as receiving the unexpected inspirations from one’s surroundings and inner  Continue reading Plein Air Inspiration