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A Little Thought on Inspiration: “Getting in the Mood” By Jane Appleby

What does it take to “Get in the Mood” to create something from nothing?
 I asked myself this question after spending a whole day painting without any satisfying results. On other occasions, taking a hike in the mountain’s fresh air or surrounding myself with the vastness of the ocean was all it took. But then there are those other days….when I am not in the mood.

Like the day spent in the park, studying yet another blank white space, nothing coming to mind after several failed landscape sketches, and feeling as though I had forgotten what a paint brush could do.

That’s when I decided to pitch one last effort to use everything left in my paint box and employ the full spectrum of my spirit to capture whatever I could.

It was in this striving to go the extra mile, in the mood of surrender, that finally prepared a place in me to receive what I needed. Within a short time a small bright painting resulted and I felt I had discovered something new. This creativity was not something I could force but something to be open to.

My hope is that in whatever “extra mile” you take along your way that it too brings you to undiscovered places. And, like a special painting, add a bit of colour to your life.

Here are some suggestions that may help motivate artists to get “In the Mood” to paint:

-Go for a walk in nature, perhaps in a new location

-Visit an art museum, historical site or art show and spend a few minutes with a favourite piece

-Take a class from an artist who’s work you like (Federation Classes are some of the best) even if you know how to paint

-Watch an artist at work – youtube has many examples (including my own series on Youtube: Jane Appleby Art

-Paint with a friend or even your dog, cat or animal pal

-Use new colours, brush or support, trying NOT to make a painting but just doodle and play

-Try to really take in a scene with your eyes and emotions, picturing how you would paint it, meditate and pray, breath, and be thankful for the day.

-Go to “your room” and “shut the door” and Paint!


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